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Case Studios Photography Senior Team Girl Portrait Session Laughing in grass Flower field



Capturing your senior year with incredible photos while meeting new friends along the way.

Now Accepting Applications for the Class of 2025

This one's for you, JUNIORS!




From incredible photo sessions throughout your senior year, to traveling, to meeting new friends, the CSP Senior Team is about making your last year of high school even better than you imagined.  

It's about more than just getting your picture taken.  It's about creating an unforgettable experience and capturing the time leading up to graduation all while building your confidence.  It's about you forming friendships with others, being a part of a community that's larger than you, and creating a group that supports and encourages one another. 

Case Studios Photography Senior TeamHigh school senior girl in a green parachute skirt on a swing at golden hour in Kansas City MO
Case Studios Photography Senior Team Smiling high school senior girl at golden hour with fall leaves in Kansas City
Case Studios Photography Senior Team High school senior smiling in front of a rustic door in the Westbottoms of Kansas City
Case Studios Photography Senior Team High school senior smiling in front of a rustic door in the Westbottoms of Kansas City
Case Studios Photography Senior Team High School Senior sitting in the stadium bleachers showing off her college tshirt in Kansas City
Case Studios Photography Senior Team High School Senior girl smiling against a white brick wall downtown Lee's Summit



As  part of the CSP Senior Team, not only do you get access to exclusive photo sessions throughout the your senior year, you will also get to be part of Team events, a group of friends that support one another -not to mention getting to have your last years of high school in front of the camera!

Every year we do numerous sessions that go beyond just your individual session.  Oh yeah, and we travel for sessions too!

The best part?  All of this is basically a bonus on top of your individual senior photo session with me.

"I'm Ready to Apply!!"

Meg is just so awesome and kind! She is flexible with things and also one of the kindest souls. She makes you feel more confident about yourself and you forget you are at a photoshoot.


She captures real raw photos that make you feel good. She has given me some of the best advice and I have learned so much about posing, smiling and life. There isn't a single time that I can think that I didn't laugh.


Meg is unlike other photographers, she is the real deal. She doesn't just hype you up, she really cares about you. 


Case Studios Photography Senior Team High School Senior girl standing in a rustic window in the westbottoms of Kansas City



Every year as a part of the Senior Team, we do a variety of different photo sessions on top of your individual senior photos.  This way, you get a variety of images that reflect who you are and  capture your last year of high school.

In past years, we've done sessions like Sunflowers, Fall Leaves, Urban Downtown locations, Flower Fields, Creek Sessions, College T-Shirts, Cap & Gown sessions and more.

While it seems like a lot, these are spaced out throughout the year so that it's not overwhelming.  Trust me - I know you've got a lot going on and the Senior Team is all about enhancing your senior year, not taking away from it. 

Each of these sessions is planned well in advance so that you're able to mark the date on the calendar and not have to worry about scrambling last minute.  (Unless we get a sunny day or I find a random spot that must be used right away!)

Plus, the sooner you join the Team, the more photo sessions you get to be a part of! 

Check Out Some of the Sessions We've Done!

Click Here to Apply

Case Studios Photography Senior Team High School Senior girl smiling on a rock in a creek bed Kansas City


"What the Senior Team
means to me is....





While the Senior Team means something different for everyone, there are a few common themes for every single person.

The Senior Team goes beyond just senior photos and is about you making the most of your senior year with once-a-life time experiences, a team that supports, encourages and motivates one another, and most importantly, giving you the confidence to be who you truly are.  

With every client I work with, the biggest thins is capturing who YOU are at this time in your life.  As part of the Senior Team, it's all about giving you the permission to be yourself in your photos and capture your authentic personality throughout your senior year.  

Case Studios Photography Senior Team High School Senior girl laughing in a sunflower field at golden hour in Kansas City
Case Studios Photography Senior Team High School Senior girl smiling in urban setting of downtown Lee's Summit
Case Studios Photography Senior Team High School Senior girl smiling in a red shirt with red fall leaves


Still have a question that you don't see but are interested in the Team?  The next step of the application process includes me sending you a LOT more information! 

So if you're interested and this all sounds amazing, apply!  Nothing is final from applying and what I recommend is putting together a solid application, getting all the info and then figuring out if the Senior Team is a good fit for you. 

The application is just expressing your interest in joining The CSP Senior Team.  There is a information meet & greet on May 19th.  That's when things get official!

  • What is included in The CSP Senior Team?
    So many things!! Required: three team shoots which will give you individual and group images. Additional pop-up sessions throughout the year. (Not required, but strongly encouraged!) Group activities like game or movie nights, dinners and more! Your favorite images on your personal branded app, perfect to share on social media! Bonuses for referring Case Studios Photography to friends and family.
  • What are the requirements to join?
    Be a current high school Junior, graduating in 2025. Be outgoing, energetic, motivated and enjoy being photographed. We want seniors that support our core values: INTEGRITY, AUTHENTICITY, COMPASSION, RESPECT AND COMMUNITY. Have a positive presence in your school and community. Have an active and positive online social media presence (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) and be willing and excited to post images from your sessions and CSP promotions and giveaways. Post frequently ​(at least 3x monthly) about CSP. Follow Case Studios Photography on Facebook and Instagram AND allow us to follow you! Agree to use Case Studios Photography as their sole photographer during their senior year, with the exception of school and sports photographers. Read through all the requirements and talk to your parent/guardian! They will be contacted first if you are chosen as an ambassador, PLEASE let them know that you are applying! Fill out the application. (Again nothing is finalized until after the meet & greet and the contract is signed!) Attend an informative meet & greet event May 19, 2024. Have student AND parent sign a model release form and contract. Pay the minimum team investment of $299. Participate in required mini sessions with the full team. (There will be other sessions which will not be required.)
  • I'm already super much time is this going to take?
    On average, the sessions, team events and other Senior Team things will take about 3 hours per quarter (every 3 months). Basically less time than you spend scrolling on TikTok at night. ;) I know you're busy and the LAST thing the Senior Team is meant to do is overwhelm you.
  • What kind of bonuses do you offer?
    You are not required to refer your friends and family to Case Studios Photography, but it can be used to offset the program cost, earn product credit, or even just snag some extra cash in your pocket! For EACH closed referral, (meaning they booked and paid a session fee), you will get $50 in cash AND $50 in product credit! Use those product credits towards a gorgeous art piece or album of all your favorite images from the year. Join our top investment level and you can double your referral bonuses!
  • What happens if I can't make a Team session?
    No worries! Depending on the participation level you choose, The Senior Team is as much of little as you make it. There's no requirement to make a session. If you can, awesome! If you can't, that's ok too.
  • Does The Senior Team cost anything?
    There is an investment to be a part of the team, but you get to choose how involved YOU want to be. Each level of investment includes a number of sessions and credits towards artwork. Obviously the higher the involvement, the bigger the perks. (extra group sessions, included individual sessions, higher referral bonuses and more!) Minimum to join is $299.
  • How far in advance are the sessions planned?
    Most sessions are planned at least one month in advance. Exceptions for change in weather or if I get the urge to do a bonus creative session.
  • Do you offer payment plans for your senior clients?
    Whether you're on the Senior Team or a regular client, I never want financial reasons to be why you can't be a part of the CSP Senior experience. I do offer payment plans for all my clients and if you ever have questions, all you have to do is a send me a text!
  • How long are applications open for? AND How many spots are on the Team?
    Rolling applications are open until May 1st OR until all spots on the Team are filled. Because I only work with a select group on the Senior Team, I do cap the number of people that are on it every year. If you want to be on it, apply now! The sooner you apply, the more shoots you get to do. In a typical year, the Senior Team will be capped at 10 (plus or minus a few). This way it's not too small that you already know everyone, but not so big that you also don't get to know everyone. If you have a friend you want to apply with, put that down on your application and chances are I'll find room for the both of you even if we're close to filling the Team. There are only 5 spots on the top investment team.
  • Can I do this with my best friend?
    Of course!! Just make sure to apply at the same time and put each other's name down. As long as you fill out a complete, thoughtful application and you are a good fit for the Senior Team, you'll both be good to go.
Case Studios Photography Senior Team High School Senior girl laughing next to a white wall in Lee's Summit



April 18, 2024     Applications are live.

May 1, 2024        Applications will close at 11:59pm

May 19, 2024     Informative Meet & Greet. (Required)

May 19, 2024     Model Release and Contract must be signed and $299 minimum investment due. 

June 9, 2024             Outdoor shoot with full team. 4-7pm (Required)  

                               Rain Date - June 30, 2024



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