Brand Ambassador Application  

 Share your Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat handles!  I want to tag you in all your images! 

 Tell me about yourself!  Don't be shy! 

Three words that describe yourself, what are you passionate about, fun facts, favorite color, favorite food/candy, personality, biggest pet peeve, activities and organizations you're involved in, etc.  (It's okay to brag a little!)

Everyone wants to be seen, to have their personality shine through, and to feel understood.  We each have something that makes us uniquely beautiful. 

 Being a part of this team, means you are a face of Case Studios Photography


 PARENTS AND SENIOR: READ THOROUGHLY BEFORE SUBMITTING. By clicking submit, I understand that if I am chosen as a CSP  Brand Ambassador, I will be required to use Case Studios Photography as my senior photographer and will contractually agree to not use any other photographers for the duration of the program. I also understand that this application will be reviewed by CSP and is not a guaranteed acceptance into the program. In addition, I understand that, if chosen, I am required to pay the cost of the program ($325) but will have the opportunity to earn cash back through referrals. 

Thanks for submitting, we can't wait to meet you!