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With March Madness coming up, wouldn't it be fun to play off the excitement and host a competition for the Ulti-Mutt Cutest Pup in Kansas City!!

Sixteen dogs are photographed through February.

Each pup owner will donate $99 to Midwest Animal ResQ, and in exchange

 receive a mini-session, a photo gift and a goodie bag of treats. Each dog will be entered into a bracket-style competition with a chance to earn exciting prizes from our amazing sponsors. Each week, two dogs will face off in an online vote. that week's winner advances with the goal to be voted the Ulti-mutt Cutie of Kansas City!!

Round 1 Voting: March 20-22
Round 2 Voting (Elite 8): March 23-25
Round 3 Voting (Final Four): March 26-28
Round 4 Voting (Championship): March 29-31
International Championship: April 2-3


Stitch Co. Designs

2023 WINNER!

Light Wall Teams copy.jpg
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