Everyone want to be seen, to have their personality shine, and to feel celebrated!
Together, we will capture a special moment in your life and turn it into custom artwork for your home. 
Case Studios Photography is a Kansas City- Missouri based portrait photographer

About Me

Hello, my name is Megan.  I'm the face glued to the back of the Case Studios Photography camera. 

I am an artist, and together we can create something amazing! 

I have always loved taking photos, I still have ones I took when I was ten years old!  I can remember the intense anticipation of waiting to get my film developed.   IT TOOK FOREVER!!  Opening the package with the prints was like Christmas! 

I met my husband Paul, in college.  (My dad likes to say I went to school for my Mrs. Degree!)  And now we have three amazing daughters!   At one point we had all three girls in gymnastics and I got frustrated with blurry action photos.  They either moved too fast, the lighting was terrible, or they were too far away!  This got me researching and investing in camera gear.  Who knew that wanting to take better pictures of my kids, would send me down the rabbit hole to where I am today.

Everyone wants to be seen, to have their personality shine through, and to feel understood. 

I became a photographer to help people to realize their beauty.  

I want to celebrate quirks and features, all the things that make us who we are.  

I want confident smiles when clients see their images and know what it's like to feel celebrated.  

I'm passionate about having parents photographed WITH their children! 

I want clients to have fun during our session.

I am there every step of the way from that first phone call all the way to the delivery.  

I feel honored to help my clients design custom art for their walls or heirloom albums that will stand the test of time.

Above all else, I want clients to feel that together we’ve captured a special moment in their life. 

Case Studios is a Fine-Art Family and Portrait Photographer based in Blue Springs, MO

- Serving the KCMO metro area.

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